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Supersuckers Must've Been High Demos CD
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Supersuckers Must've Been High Demos CD

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"How are we gonna pull this off?" that was the question going into the making of Must've Been High and here is the answer. These demos were the brainchild of our producer, Randall Jamail, who had the genius idea of bringing me out to Houston to flesh out some arrangements of my songs with Jesse Dayton and Brian Thomas backing me up. Their input was clearly instrumental in getting us through the door of sounding like a real country band and I don't think that Must've Been High would have been nearly as good a record if we hadn't done these demos first. So hat's off to Randall and special thank you's go out to the amazing Mr. Jesse Dayton and his incomparable sidekick, Brian Thomas for helping me get these songs to sound so durn good. Enjoy!

1. Roamin' Round
2. Roadworn and Weary
3. The Captain
4. Blow You Away
5. Juicy Pureballs
6. One Cigarette Away
7. Barricade

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