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  • Fan Club CD #5 Digital Download
    Item #: UPDD19
    "Afterhours" - our ill fated attempt at some movie score action. We recorded this "Sisters of Mercy" song for the soundtrack to "The Gift" and were rejected. I didn't realize how serious they were when they said they wanted some country music. This is easily the most unlike the Suckers we've ever sounded!

    "Roamin' 'round" this demo version was recorded with Jesse Dayton on guitar & backing vocals Brian Thomas on dobro and Charlie Sanders on bass. It is the moment I realized that I could make some decent county songs.

    "I Don't Wanna Know" Ah technology... this song was recorded entirely in the back of our van into my computer while we were driving. I had to wait 'til we pulled over to do the vocals I closed the doors while everyone took a leak! Remember this is a demo, not the finished product - please be kind.
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  • Fan Club CD #7 Digital Download
    Item #: UPDD22
    Track List:
    1. What It Takes
    2. Sunset On A Sunday
    3. Mudhead
    4. Whiskey River
    5. Hangliders
    6. Nitroglycerin
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  • Supersuckers Live at the Crocodile - 10/17/2003
    Item #: UPDD23

    1. Evil Powers of Rock N Roll
    2. Luck
    3. Bruises to Prove It
    4. I Want The Drugs
    5. Drive By Blues
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  • Black Supersuckers Sub Pop Demos
    Item #: UPDD26
    Black Supersuckers -

    Recorded for potential release on Sub-Pop Records, these were some of our very first recordings. Featuring the talents of our lead singer at the time, the very charismatic Eric Martin (R.I.P. brother, we sure do miss you!), these tracks have a distinctly different feel than what we became. Especially "Dance On It" and "Dirt" which weren't recorded for Sub-Pop, they were actually recorded in Tucson sometime in late '88 before we left for Seattle and show a band that still had a way to go before finding it's true voice. Still, they're interesting time capsules of 1988. As for the Sub-Pop demos, I can't recall why exactly they never were released at the time. I know we were in a bit of disarray as to whether or not we were going to keep our lead singer and the years have washed away my memory of how that all went down. I do know however that these tracks were recorded by Jack Endino at Reciprocal Recording here in Seattle sometime in late '89.
    And, man, do they take me back... I hope you enjoy the trip, 20 years back, as much as I do... Eddie Spaghetti

    Track Listing:

    1. Dance On It
    2. Dirt
    3. Black Supersucker Rock (Extended Version)
    4. Four Stroke
    5. Blow You Away
    6. Girl I Know
    7. Uncle Jim
    8. Junk
    9. Mudhead
    10. Wake Me When It's Over
    11. Girl I Know (Acoustic Version)
    12. Monkey
    13. Black Supersucker Rock (Reprise)
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  • Supersuckers Live at The Worlds Fair Park Knoxville TN 9/15/08
    Item #: UPDD27
    Track List

    1. Intro
    2. That Is Rock N Roll
    3. Rock N Roll Records (Ain’t Selling This Year)
    4. Rock Your Ass
    5. Paid
    6. Luck
    7. Anything Else
    8. Bad Bad Bad
    9. Evil Powers of Rock N Roll
    10. Caliente
    11. Sleepy Vampire
    12. What It Takes
    13. Mud Head
    14. Fisticuffs
    15. Supersucker Drive By Blues
    16. Roadworn and Weary
    17. Creepy Jackalope Eye
    18. When I Go (I’m Gone)
    19. Bloody Mary Morning
    20. Pretty Fucked Up
    21. How To Maximize Your Kill Count
    22. Goodbye
    23. Fake Encore (Patent Pending)
    24. Cowboy Song
    25. Born With a Tail
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  • Supersuckers Songs All Sound The Same Digital Download
    Item #: UPDD28
    The first release on our new label, Mid-Fi this was never intended to be released, these songs are our first recordings as a four piece. Recorded in October of 1990 to see if we needed to find a “lead singer”, I sometimes still wish we would have. A great time capsule of a band finding it’s sound. Bonus tracks include “I say Fuck” “Luck” and “Second Cousin”.

    Track List:
    1. Alright
    2. Sadletramp
    3. Poor
    4. Burnin' Up
    5. Gravity Kills
    6. Sex and Outrage
    7. What Love Is
    8. Junk
    9. Four Stroke
    10. Girl I Know
    11. Luck
    12. I Say Fuck
    13. Second Cousin
    14. Razzmanazz
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  • Supersuckers Live At Slims NYE 2002
    Item #: UPDD29
    Track List:

    The Man Who Had It All (Featuring Marcus Durant)
    Rock Your Ass
    Pretty Fucked Up
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  • Supersuckers 20th Anniversary Show Download
    Item #: UPDD31
    Click image to view track listing.

    20 years? Is that even possible? I mean, name something you've been doing, voluntarily, for 20 years. Can you even do that? It really doesn't feel like it's been even five years of doing this, much less twenty. Well, like it or not, it has been 20 full years of hanging out with pretty much the same bunch of guys, doing roughly the same thing, every day, every night and there's no end in sight. The night that these songs were recorded was pretty much like any other night in our lives.
    Except it wasn't.
    We were there to celebrate our existence. To go chronologically through our repertoire and bring it to a sold out house at the fabulous Showbox in downtown Seattle, where we cut our teeth for the last 20 years. I mean, how long could it take to run through our history (or at least touch on most of the highlights)? Well, it turns out it took us about two and a half hours. That's right, there is about two and a half hours of glorious Supersuckers mayhem right here. Warts and all. And I'd be lying if I said there weren't any warts here to be heard, because you don't get through two and a half hours on stage without hitting a few clams along the way. But that's all part of the fun. It's the Supersuckers after all, not the Seattle Philharmonic, so what do you expect? Perfection? Well, in it's own way that's what's represented here in this recording - that perfectly imperfect moment, where everything is wrong and it feels so right. Where anything that can go wrong, does and yet it still works.
    Somehow, someway, after twenty years we still got it...
    So here's to the next twenty!
    That what I'm talking about...
    -Eddie Spaghetti,
    Rock Guy
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  • Eddie Spaghetti & Rontrose / Live At The Barge Inn
    Item #: UPDD32
    This is the gig that started it all for me as a solo act. Doing these shows at the now defunct Barge Inn was where I cut my teeth, getting to know the ropes of doing it on my own. Recording this particular show was the brainchild of one Mr. David Fisher, who brought in a modest recording unit to one of these now infamous occasions and the document is here for your enjoyment. Listening to these tracks takes me back - back to the beginning of something special - the beginning of Eddie Spaghetti, lone wolf, renegade troubadour, doin' it on his own because, well because he can. And having the incredibly tasty licks provided by none other than the amazing Rontrose Heathman doesn't hurt this recording none either! So pony up and get this show while you can. It's an awesome time capsule and a good time all the way around.
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  • Supersuckers Live at the Casbah 2006 / San Diego
    Item #: UPDD34
    Paid 4:00
    Creepy Jackalope Eye 3:50
    Then I'm Gone 3:26
    Breaking Honey's Heart 2:45
    Rock N Roll Records (Ain't Seeling This Year) 2:32
    Rock Your Ass 2:39
    Evil Powers of Rock N Roll 3:39
    Dirt Road, Dead Ends, & Dust 4:00
    Supersuckers Drive By Blues 2:52
    Luck 3:45
    Coattail Rider 2:05
    Bloody Mary Morning 10:16
    How to Maximize Your Kill Count 3:42
    Supersuckers 3:06
    Fake Encore 1:23
    Pretty Fucked Up 3:31
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  • Supersuckers & Eddie Spaghetti - Mid-Fi Sampler Download
    Item #: UPDD35
    Track Listing:
    I Like It All, Man
    Breaking Honey's Heart
    Shake It Off
    Pretty Fucked Up
    Rock Your Ass
    A Good Night For My Drinking
    The Fight Song
    Bruises To Prove It
    Rock-N-Roll Records Ain't Selling This Year
    Gato Negro
    Flying Into The Mid-Day Sun
    End Of An Era
    Then I'm Gone
    Team Man
    Call It Christmas Time

    Sleepy Vampire Eddie Spaghetti
    I Don't Wanna Know 2:17 Eddie Spaghetti
    All Along 2:29 Eddie Spaghetti
    Some People Say 3:31 Eddie Spaghetti
    Killer Weed 5:25 Eddie Spaghetti
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  • Supersuckers Live at the Viper Room Download - 3 Nights!
    Item #: UPDD37
    3 Nights, 1 Huge Download!

    Please click on product image to view track listing
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