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  • Fan Club CD #6 Digital Download- "Evil Powers" The UnReleased Interscope Recordings
    Item #: UPDD20
    Not in the PIT??? Well if you wanna download the tracks from the latest batch of CD’s that we mailed to the PIT members here’s your chance.

    1. Cool Manchu
    2. Beat to Shit
    3. Dirt Roads, Dead Ends & Dust
    4. Givin' It Away
    5. Girl I Know
    6. Dead Meat
    7. Hot Like the Sun
    8. Fisticuffs
    9. Stuff 'n Nonsense
    10. Santa Rita High
    11. Thinkin' Out Loud
    12. Goin' Back to Tucson
    13. Cowboy Song
    • $6.66
  • Eddie Spaghetti & The Railbenders Live at Herman’s Hideaway (Denver, CO)  2004
    Item #: UPDD33
    Track List:

    Peace In The Valley
    Best Of All Possible Worlds
    Bottom Dollar
    Little Ol' Wine Drinker Me
    I Don't Want To Lose You Yet
    Sea Of Heartbreak
    Cocaine Blues
    Sleepy Vampire
    Drivin' Nails In My Coffin
    Killer Weed
    Born With A Tail
    • $9.99
  • Eddie Spaghetti & Jordan Shapiro - Live at the Double Door
    Item #: UPDD071025

    10/25/07...5:00 am... Too early for Rock'n'Roll? Not if you happen to be one quarter of the greatest rock n' roll band in the land...and friend! Yes, my friends, I'm talking about none other than the 2nd most famous dynamic duo on the books..(Batman & Robin beat them out by 13 votes or something like that)... Ladies and Germs, I give you none other than...

    Eddie Spaghetti and Jordan Shapiro. (mucho "cyberApplause" )... thank you.

    Up early, and in the ol' jet liner on their way into the deep Midwest, Eddie and Jordan talk about their upcoming shows opening for new friend Shooter Jennings, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herb Jennings of Duluth...wait, hang on, no,no,no Strike that... Son of the one and only Waylon Jennings and Ms. Jessie Colter...Yeah, that guy.
    Eddie "Set List?" Spaghetti and Jordan "I've never Heard This Song Before, Dude" Shapiro, never ones to skimp on preparation, planning and rehearsal, decide a warm up gig in Chi-Town might be a way to get the ol' "Awesome" flowing for their upcoming run with Shooter. After many agonizing minutes of thinking, (and quite a few drinks), the Double Door was chosen as the venue for this momentous... warm up gig.
    The resulting cyber-record is a one of a kind audio-accounting of a couple of friends doing what they do
    People, for your listening pleasure, I submit:
    "Eddie Spaghetti and Jordan Shapiro: Live at the Double Door"...


    Bottom Dollar
    Gotta Get Drunk
    Roadworn & Weary
    I Don't Wanna Know
    Tonight I'll be Staying Here With You
    Sleepy Vampire
    Little Ole WInedrinker Me
    Sea of Heartbreak
    All Along
    Bubllegum & Beer
    Cocaine Blues
    Breaking Honey's Heart
    Best of all Possible Worlds
    Roaming Around
    Here We Go
    Mean Eyed Cat
    Killer Weed
    Non Addictive Marijuana
    Heavy Heart
    Carry Me Home
    Peace in the Valley
    Pretty Fucked Up
    Born With A Tail

    • $9.98
  • Supersuckers Pain in the Grass Festival Mural Ampitheatre Seattle 07.31.98
    Item #: UPDD36
    Rock & Roll Singer
    Cool Manchu
    Santa Rita High
    Seventeen Poles
    Thinkin' Out Loud
    Hi Ya
    Glad, Damn Glad
    Dirt Roads, Dead Ends, & Dust
    Creepy Jackalope Eye
    That's Rock & Roll
    Gold Top
    "US Patent Pending Fake Encore"
    Cowboy Song
    Born With A Tail
    "...a real encore"
    She's My Bitch
    What Love Is
    • $9.00
  • Supersuckers Must've Been High Demos
    Item #: UPDD24
    "How are we gonna pull this off?" that was the question going into the making of Must've Been High and here is the answer. These demos were the brainchild of our producer, Randall Jamail, who had the genius idea of bringing me out to Houston to flesh out some arrangements of my songs with Jesse Dayton and Brian Thomas backing me up. Their input was clearly instrumental in getting us through the door of sounding like a real country band and I don't think that Must've Been High would have been nearly as good a record if we hadn't done these demos first. So hat's off to Randall and special thank you's go out to the amazing Mr. Jesse Dayton and his incomparable sidekick, Brian Thomas for helping me get these songs to sound so durn good. Enjoy!

    1. Roamin' Round
    2. Roadworn and Weary
    3. The Captain
    4. Blow You Away
    5. Juicy Pureballs
    6. One Cigarette Away
    7. Barricade
    • $6.68
  • Get It Together Digital Download Tracks from the Bonus DVD
    Item #: UPDD25

    1. That's Rock-N-Roll
    2. Rock-N-Roll Records
    3. Rock Your Ass
    4. Paid
    5. Luck
    6. Anything Else
    7. Bad Bad Bad
    8. The Evil Powers of Rock-N-Roll
    9. Caliente
    10. Sleepy Vampire
    11. What It Takes
    12. Mudhead
    13. Supersucker Drive By Blues
    14. Dirt Roads, Dead Ends, and Dust
    15. Fisticuffs
    16. Roadworn and Weary
    17. Creepy Jackalope Eye
    18. When I Go, I'm Gone
    19. Bloody Mary Morning
    20. Pretty Fucked Up
    21. How To Maximize Your Kill Count
    22. Goodbye
    23. Fake Encore
    24. Cowboy Song
    25. Born With a Tail
    • $9.99
  • Eddie Spaghetti & Jordan Shapiro Live at the Cabooze – Minneapolis Digital Download
    Item #: UPDD21

    1. Intro
    2. Double Wide
    3. Sleepy Vampire
    4. Little Ol' Wine Drinker
    5. All Along
    6. Sea of Heartbreak
    7. Cocaine Blues
    8. Roamin' Round
    9. Non-Addictive Marijuana
    10. Breaking Honey's Heart
    11. Carry Me Home
    12. Pretty Fucked Up

    Total Time: 38:12
    • $6.68
  • Get It Together Digital Download
    Item #: UPDD14
    Pre-order the digital download of the new Supersuckers album! Available in lossless FLAC format, or 128kbps MP3. Album will be available for download on the release date, November 25th.

    1. What It Takes
    2. Anything Else
    3. Listen Up
    4. Paid
    5. She Is Leaving
    6. When I Go, I'm Gone
    7. I'm A Fucking Genius
    8. Sunset On A Sunday
    9. Breaking Honey's Heart
    10. Something Good For You
    11. I Like It All, Man
    12. Come Along For The Ride

    Click image to read more about the new record from Eddie.
    • $10.00
  • Junkyard Dogs / Good Livin' Platter Download
    Item #: UPDD30
    Track List:

    Good Livin’
    View From Here
    Drug Store
    Breakin’ The Law
    Unwanted Man
    Born To Cry
    Gates of Steel
    Lightning Bar Blues
    Evil Runs Free
    I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
    • $9.99
  • Black Supersuckers Sub Pop Demos
    Item #: UPDD26
    Black Supersuckers -

    Recorded for potential release on Sub-Pop Records, these were some of our very first recordings. Featuring the talents of our lead singer at the time, the very charismatic Eric Martin (R.I.P. brother, we sure do miss you!), these tracks have a distinctly different feel than what we became. Especially "Dance On It" and "Dirt" which weren't recorded for Sub-Pop, they were actually recorded in Tucson sometime in late '88 before we left for Seattle and show a band that still had a way to go before finding it's true voice. Still, they're interesting time capsules of 1988. As for the Sub-Pop demos, I can't recall why exactly they never were released at the time. I know we were in a bit of disarray as to whether or not we were going to keep our lead singer and the years have washed away my memory of how that all went down. I do know however that these tracks were recorded by Jack Endino at Reciprocal Recording here in Seattle sometime in late '89.
    And, man, do they take me back... I hope you enjoy the trip, 20 years back, as much as I do... Eddie Spaghetti

    Track Listing:

    1. Dance On It
    2. Dirt
    3. Black Supersucker Rock (Extended Version)
    4. Four Stroke
    5. Blow You Away
    6. Girl I Know
    7. Uncle Jim
    8. Junk
    9. Mudhead
    10. Wake Me When It's Over
    11. Girl I Know (Acoustic Version)
    12. Monkey
    13. Black Supersucker Rock (Reprise)
    • $9.99
  • Fan Club CD Vol. 2 (Out of Print / Released in 2002) - Digital Download
    Item #: UPDD16
    >"Okay, this one needs some 'splainin'. There is a crazy-mixed-up batch of strange things here. There's an interview we did with a fella named Dave Marsh at WHFS in D.C. where I do a semi-crappy acoustic 'I want the Drugs'. Then it's Rontrose and I at a place called the 'Barge Inn' doing Ween's 'Piss Up a Rope'. A song we call 'Bad Religion' is next - it was recorded on the first day of our tour with them. I can't remember what happened, but we weren't too thrilled with it, whatever it was. 'Hound Dog' is me with some friends at an all Elvis Show we did - the whole show sounds great! And we cap it off with Steve Earle's 'I Don't Wanna Lose You Yet' that we recorded in Austin for a Holland radio show and features Metal Marty Chandler and Clay Bartlett helping us out on guitar and bass. The intro was done at four in the morning after some serious drinking."

    - Eddie Spaghetti - 2002

    1. Intro
    2. I Want the Drugs
    3. Piss Up a Rope
    4. Bad Religion
    5. Hound Dog
    6. I Don’t Wanna Lose You Yet
    • $6.66
  • Fan Club CD Vol 3 (Out of Print / Released in 2003) - Digital Download
    Item #: UPDD17
    1. Tasty Greens 2:39
    2. Chicken Shack 1:04
    3. Kexp Intro 1:17
    4. Rock 'n' Roll Records 5:40
    5. A Good Night For My Drinkin' 4:55
    6. Bubblegum & Beer 5:35
    7. Goodbye 2:27

    All right, here is the long awaited, highly anticipated Fan Club CD #3! It’s a radio-rama. Sure, we complain a bit about not being on the radio but it does happen from time to time and here’s the proof. Track 1 is from Houston and a clever fellow down there did some cool things with “Tasty Greens.” The second track is an ad that was on a station in Little Rock for our chicken eating contest. I think it’s pretty funny. The remaining 5 or so tracks are from a live radio appearance we did at KEXP in Seattle on the first day MFBT came out. What’s surprising about it is how well we played at 9:00 in the morning!

    Well, I hope you like this stuff and once again thanks for joining the Greatest Fan Club in the World!
    -Eddie Spaghetti Nov. 2003
    • $6.66